Deeba Anandan




Hi there and welcome!

My name is Deeba and I am a transformational life coach dedicated to helping you become the happiest version of yourself, on your terms.

What does this mean?

I help to empower you to move towards living from a place of ‘I should’ towards a place of ‘I want’.  Perhaps you feel stuck in a cycle of self-criticism and chasing a success story defined for you by others. 

I help you to break free, trust yourself and discover the true sense of who you are.




With all this talk about self-care, finding fulfilment, being your authentic self and knowing your purpose, there is one thing that is often missing - clarity

Do you really understand what it is that you love doing; what lights you up; and what makes you feel alive? Do you know what your dreams are, and do you trust yourself to chase them?

Without having the clarity around what is important to YOU, you will only ever be scratching the surface of your happiness.  But, once you start to get this clarity and being true to it, the liberation and flow that life takes on is transformational.    


Have you already started on your own self-development journey but repeatedly get stuck and frustrated?  Are you sceptical about your ability to achieve this clarity? 

That is OK.  I hear you.  However, the mere fact that you’re still reading this shows that you are likely looking for a change. 

Sometimes self-development can be made to seem simple and magical.  You just need to do ‘XYZ’ to find your purpose.  People often talk about radical transformation, but nobody talks about the journey. On my own path of self growth, I’ve often felt inadequate because I never found it easy.   

The truth is that the journey is sticky, its uncomfortable and it challenges you to your core. But, having navigated these feelings myself, I can promise you that it is possible, and it is SO worth it. 

The process isn’t magic, but the results can be truly magical.

I want to help you navigate the path to feeling truly free. Are you ready?

Deeba x