“Before I started working with Deeba, I had one method of dealing with everything in my life – keep it to myself and eventually I’ll find an answer, or the answer will find me.  This left me feeling apprehensive about opening up to a coach authentically about what I wanted and how I felt.  I was in a transitional period moving from student life to working in the city and I was finding it tough to work through what I wanted and why.

I also had all the natural reservations of a virgin coachee. What will I say?  How will we fill the time? Are my aims and concerns worthy of a coach? As a male, I was also worried whether a female coach would be able to understand and assist me with potentially male-centric challenges. 

Almost immediately my fears were allayed, and I fell headfirst into the flow of our sessions.  As with most of the things we tend to worry about, 90% of them never occur and if they do, we cope better than we thought we would.  This was primarily down to Deeba as a coach; she has been endowed with a primary skill a successful coach needs – not simply to listen but to facilitate sharing.  I felt comfortable and relaxed talking to her about the nitty-gritty detail of some of my more mundane concerns, and never felt judged but always felt heard.

Being coached has been a fantastic experience which has helped me to resolve several key decisions I was faced with.  I came out of the process with a clarity of mind and resoluteness that surprised me.  I am now a convert to coaching and will continue to use it as a resource for the rest of my career.  I would recommend Deeba to all and sundry.”


Eliane SAYS:

“I didn't have many expectations before starting the life coaching journey.  I'd had a bit of counselling before which had been useful, but not really life changing. 

When I first started coaching with Deeba I felt unexcited, uninspired by life, confused as to where I was meant to be or where I was going and pretty miserable in most facets of my life.  However, through a few sessions with Deeba I came up with a plan for the future which really, really excited me, felt empowered to start realising and chasing my dreams and most importantly, had huge shifts in my perception of self love, what it really means, what it looks like and how important it really is! 

I honestly feel like a new person, I am so much happier and more positive about life and excited for what the future holds. Working with Deeba was a life changing experience, and I cannot recommend life coaching enough!”



“Deeba is a caring, effective and powerful coach. Through our sessions together I have been able to gain clarity on a number of different areas in my life that I was feeling extremely stuck on. 

Deeba has a natural ability to hold the space, ask the right questions just when you need it and to challenge whilst also bringing in the perfect level of compassion. 

I would highly recommend Deeba as a coach for anyone out there who wants to achieve something but you know and understand that two heads are better than one!”



“Before working with Deeba, my anxiety was through the roof and I felt that I had lost all sense of myself and had nowhere to turn.  I’ve had counselling and dealt with depression in the past and felt I didn’t want to go down that road.  I needed something more practical. 

Working with Deeba has been an amazing process.  She is endlessly patient, kind and gentle but also firm.  Through our sessions I realised how little I put myself first and that is not something I’d ever thought I would even think, let alone write.  I believe in myself more and put myself down less.

I feel that through our sessions I have made breakthroughs in my head that years of talking therapies and CBT couldn’t do. They have made me question myself more positively, become more mindful generally and they have definitely helped my confidence and anxiety.”